Chelmsford TUC

Equal Opportunities

Women in Focus

Although we do have women delegates on our Trades Council, it has to be said that our efforts have not brought the numbers we desire.

However, we have not given up and we frequently invite leading women trade unionists to address the Council. Since 2001 we have held an annual exhibition in Chelmsford Library to celebrate International Women’s Day. We also launched a campaign to encourage trade unions to print International Women’s Day in their diary. We are delighted to say that a number have now done so. Can you help our campaign by raising the matter in your union?

A number of unions do mark International Women’s Day and the International Transport Federation has produced a series of posters and cards. Why not ask if your union can do something similar?

  • Anne Knight - A Chelmsford heroine; she was an abolitionist, chartist, pacifist, and wrote the first leaflet on women’s suffrage.

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