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Special Days of our Movement

Special Days of our Movement

How the Special Days of our Movement were Established

In 2001 delegates to Chelmsford TUC noticed that their trade union diaries did not feature some of the most important dates in the working class calendar. As a result they decided to launch a campaign to rectify this.

We have written to the General Secretaries of most unions asking them to consider our proposal and some responded positively. However, we still have some distance to go to achieve our objective. If you agree with our point of view, please do likewise. If your union diary does in fact feature any of the following, please let us know through the Secretary.

- International Women’s Day - 8 March

- International Workers’ Memorial Day - 28 April

- International Workers’ Day - 1st May

- International Co-operative Day - the first Saturday in July

- Black History Month - October