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Retired? Yes, But Still Campaigning

When trade union activists retire from full-time employment what do they do? Some find interesting work on government commissions, industrial tribunals and dozens of other socially useful bodies in their community. Some continue to campaign for peace or a better environment; others oppose racism and combat injustice whenever, and wherever, it arises. Then there are those who have abandoned their democratic roots, and now reside in the House of Lords!

The majority of unions encourage their members to remain active in their current branch. Many of these have also established retired members’ branches.

This page is designed for the thousands of trade unionists who want to continue campaigning in the interests of pensioners and their community. Needless to say our best advice is to get your trade union branch to affiliate to a local pensioners’ group and a Trades Council, and ask to be its delegate.

Trade Union Retired Members’ Organisations

These exist in many trade unions that are affiliated to the TUC. If you want to get involved please contact your appropriate union.

There are, of course, a number of community pensioners associations. Addresses for these can be obtained locally.

Some Interesting Pensioners’ Organisations and Links for Information.

  • National Pensioners Convention The NPC is an umbrella organisation that represents over 1000 local, regional and national groups. Its website includes news, publications and regional contacts.
  • OPAS - the Pensions Advisory Service for help and advice if you have a problem with your pension. Telephone 0207 3233 8080.
  • The Pensions Tracing Agency - To find out about pensions you have lost track of telephone 0191 225 6316.
  • Retirement Pensions Forecasting Agency - If you want to know how much state pension you have telephone 0191 238 7585.
  • For a guide to combined pension forecasts contact Tel. 0870 010 1684.