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Newspapers & Magazines for Socialists and Radicals

An Phoblacht

Published in Belfast and Dublin An Phoblacht is Ireland’s biggest selling political weekly.


Read Avante online, the newspaper of Portugal’s Communist Party.


Chartist is a magazine for those interested in promoting debate within the radical left. Chartist Publications, PO Box 27556, London SE4 1WB.

Co-operative News

The weekly newspaper of the Co-operative Movement is based at Holyoake House, Hanover Street, Manchester M60 OAS.

Cuba Sí

Quarterly magazine published by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign. Contact the Red Rose Club, 129 Seven Sisters Road, London N7 7QG

Earth Matters

Earth Matters is the magazine of Friends of the Earth.

Economic and Philosophic Science Review

The Economic and Philosophic Science Review is a weekly newspaper of revolutionary Marxist Leninist analysis.

Ethical Consumer

The Ethical Consumer is published by the Ethical Consumer Research Association. It examines a number of retail products from an ethical point of view, and seeks to promote change by "informing and empowering the consumer". Contact ECRA Publishing Ltd, Unit 21, 41 Old Birley Street, Manchester M15 5RF.

For those who wish to look at other ethical pages on our website or surf for other ethical sites go to Ethical Investments and Fairtrade.

Fabian Review

Quarterly Journal of the Fabian Society 11 Dartmouth Street, London SW1H 9BN


Freedom is the world’s oldest Anarchist newspaper.

Granma International

Read Granma International online for information on Cuba, Latin America and world events.

Green Socialist

Published by the Alliance for Green Socialism. Website:

International Union Rights

Quarterly Journal of the International Centre for Trade Union Rights. Obtainable from ICTUR, 177 Abbeville Road, London SW4 9Rl.

Irish Democrat

For a united and independent Ireland. The Irish Democrat is the bi-monthly journal of the Connolly Association.

Labour Research

The monthly magazine of the Labour Research Department 78 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8HF. The LRD also publishes an excellent range of pamphlets - free to affiliates.


Lobster is published twice a year and contains valuable information on state espionage, government conspiracies, the abuse of governmental power and the influence of the intelligence services on contemporary history and politics. Lobster, 214 Westbourne Road, Hull HU5 3JB.


L’Humanité, the daily newspaper of the French Communist Party in English.

Morning Star[

Morning Star

Printed by the People’s Press Printing Society, a co-operative in which the Trades Council holds shares, The Morning Star is published six days per week. Established in 1930 as the Daily Worker it was originally the voice of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Known as the "miracle of Fleet Street" it survived wholesalers’ boycotts, police intervention, libel action and outright suppression. It became a co-operatively-owned newspaper in 1945 and changed its name to Morning Star in 1966. The newspaper provides a wealth of trade union information and matters of political interest and continues to advocate socialist views. It is, in our opinion, indispensable for trade union activists and campaigners.

New Internationalist

An independent monthly magazine produced by a trust, working as a co-operative. It reports on issues relating to world poverty and inequality. Monthly from New Internationalist Freepost MID 17880 Market Harborough LE87 4JF

New Left Review

Published six times a year, New Left Review contains articles on socialist theory, cultural criticism and political analysis.

Peace News

It seeks to serve those seeking positive social change through nonviolent means of struggle, including (but not limited to) the grassroots peace movement. Contact 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DY.

Peace Matters

Quarterly magazine of the Peace Pledge Union.

People Tree

People Tree promotes Fair Trade.

Positive News

Positive News is a not for profit quarterly newspaper. It reports on people and events that are creating a positive future.


Published by a diverse group of Labour Party members and trade unionists with a commitment to democratic socialism.


A monthly magazine for the intellectually curious. Prospect is political without being partisan.

Red Pepper

Red Pepper is a lively monthly magazine that is obtainable from your newsagent.


A journal of social democracy

Scottish Left Review

A journal of the left.

Scottish Socialist Voice

The Scottish Socialist Voice is the weekly paper of the Scottish Socialist Party, it is the only national newspaper published in Scotland that is not owned by big business.


Searchlight is a monthly magazine for those opposed to racism and fascism. 37B New Cavendish Street, London WC1M 8JR

Socialist Appeal

Socialist Appeal is a monthly for Marxists within the Labour Party. PO Box 2626, London N1 7SQ.

Socialist History Journal

Two issues published twice per year by the Socialist History Society, the successor to the Communist Party History Group. Membership also brings with it a number of excellent occasional papers. 6 Cynthia Street, London N1 9JF

Socialist News

Magazine of the Socialist Labour Party, 9 Victoria Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S70 2BB

Socialist Review

onthly magazine of the Socialist Workers’ Party PO Box 82 London E3 3LH

Socialist Standard

Socialist Standard is the monthly journal of the Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Socialist Worker

Weekly newspaper of the Socialist Workers’ Party.

The Big Issue

Set up as a business in 1991 to give homeless people the chance to make an income. The Big Issue is available in your High Street - remember a percentage of the price goes to the vendor.

The Clarion

An independent voice for the thinking socialist; the first issue appeared at the beginning of 1996, in time for the annual march and rally for trade union rights at GCHQ, Cheltenham.

The Ecologist

The Ecologist is published 10 times a year. It is the world’s longest-running environmental magazine and its pages are packed with information.


The monthly magazine of the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist Leninist) 78 Seymour Avenue, London N17 9EB

If you know of a magazine that could be included in our list please contact the Secretary.