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Unions Into Schools

The TUC has a website called Unions into Schools.It is designed to help schools incorporate education about trade unions into a range of curriculum-linked work at a secondary level.

Launched on 14 February 2011 Unions into Schools is a new set of on-line teaching resources for use in secondary school classrooms, bringing pupils into contact with trade unions, their history and their role in the contemporary workplace, wider society and around the globe.

Featuring teaching notes, lesson plans, a range of audio-visual presentations and classroom activity, these resources are ideal for use by teachers delivering citizenship, PSHE, history, business studies and other subjects at Key Stage 4 and 6th Form.

There are 5 units to choose from, each with a set of teachers’ notes, a 45 – 50 minute presentation, including activity and factsheets.

  • The Essentials – a beginners guide to trade unions, what they are, who they represent and what they do
  • Working Lives – an introduction to the world of work and the trade union role in the workplace
  • Rights and Responsibilities – a basic guide to your rights and responsibilities at work
  • History – a look at 200 years of British trade union history
  • Working for Global Justice – the trade union role in international campaigns