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UNIONREPS is the TUC’s web portal for trade union representatives.

Union Reps

UnionReps membership is free to all TUC affiliated unions, and allows you access to:

  • bulletin boards to discuss tips, techniques, or problems
  • email news for reps
  • a directory with all the key online resources in one place
  • events - with details of key events and training courses in your region
  • community - polls, features, guest discussions and more.

Diversity Works For London is a FREE on-line resource for trade union reps created by Southern and Eastern Region TUC (SERTUC), in partnership with the Mayor of London and the London Development Agency.

It will give you the ideas, facts, figures and arguments you need to promote diversity and equality in your workplace. The toolkit will provide you with:

  • Hard-hitting statistics
  • A range of negotiating strategies
  • New arguments, including the business reasons for change
  • Real-life case studies
  • Valuable ideas and suggestions
  • Guidance on putting together an action plan
  • Links to further information

You can access the toolkit by logging on to UnionReps.