Chelmsford TUC


December General Meeting

Delegates to Chelmsford TUC held their final meeting of 2017 at the Orange Tree after which they listened to a speech by Andrew Manning, a member of the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU). Andrew updated delegates on the recent talks that had taken place with Royal Mail Group Ltd in order to resolve issues about pension, pay, and working conditions. He emphasised that members’ support for the CWU in its dispute is strong and that the ballot for a strike had been very high. It is now hoped that sufficient progress has been made and that industrial action will not be required to reach a settlement.

During the meeting delegates discussed the NHS consultation paper from the South and Mid Essex Success Regime. It was noted that positive changes had been made but concerns remained, and it was agreed that the Council will make its views known to the Success Regime in the New Year.

A report was also received from a meeting held in Chelmsford to provide accommodation for fifteen people who had been charged with a terrorism related offence for stopping a mass deportation flight to Nigeria and Ghana. They all pleaded not guilty and it was noted that Michael Mansfield QC is representing the defendants; further meetings will be held in the New Year to co-ordinate support. The trial will take place in Chelmsford on 5 March and it is expected to last for several weeks.

Delegates plan to start 2018 in great style by distributing postcards to commuters at Chelmsford Railway Station from 7.30am on 2 January in protest at the huge increase in train fares. After the meeting delegates sat down to an excellent dinner.