Chelmsford TUC



It is with great regret that Chelmsford TUC has to record that Mehmet Aksoy, who addressed our May Day rally in 2016, was killed on 26 September 2017 in an ISIS attack in Syria while filming there.

Mehmet took time out of his busy schedule to visit Chelmsford and gave an enthralling presentation on the situation in Syria.

Mehmet was a documentary film-maker and editor of Kurdish Question and Kom News. He was killed during an ISIS attack on a YPG camp (Kurdish Protection Unit) near Raqqa. Just last week he had made a film about the elections taking place in the self-governing communes in North Syria, and was also covering the fighting on the front lines of Raqqa.

Mehmet was a well-known campaigner for Kurdish rights, who grew up in Britain after his family left Turkey. A late night vigil was held for Mehmet at the Halkevi Kurdish Community Centre in North London and thousands are expected to pay their respects in the coming days.