Chelmsford TUC



One of the first decisions made by delegates at the September meeting of Chelmsford TUC was to host a performance of ‘The Great Teachers’ Strike’. This will take place at Christ Church on November 28, commencing at 7pm. The show’s theme is how the Chicago Teachers’ Union and their community allies worked together for public sector education. The story, told by the excellent Banner Theatre Company, is woven together with vibrant music, songs and video footage. It is a remarkable performance that not only provides lessons but also inspiration. This will be the third visit to Chelmsford by the Banner Theatre Company.

Delegates reported on their successful distribution of Action for Rail leaflets on August 16 and it is expected that further activity will take place early in 2017 when the new fares are introduced. A report was received on a recent meeting of ‘Hope not Hate’ and it was deeply worrying to hear from local teachers that racist views are now being voiced by very young children in our schools. Further meetings will be held in order to combat racism wherever it occurs.

The Council agreed to continue backing the Junior Doctors in their dispute with the Government and the Secretary has written to local Junior Doctors asking them how best we can assist. A report was received on the excellent Burston School Strike Rally which had attracted a record attendance and with more stalls than ever before. This was, no doubt, influenced by the fact that Jeremy Corbyn was one of the speakers. The Council is ordering copies of a new booklet which records the history of the Burston strike which lasted from 1914 to 1939 making it the longest strike in history.