Chelmsford TUC



Chelmsford TUC had a full discussion on the Government’s proposed Trade Union Bill at its November meeting. They also heard a report of the lobby of Parliament against the Bill which had been attended by thousands of people, but had been largely ignored by the media. Only the Morning Star gave it the attention it deserved. Although the Government has withdrawn its most extreme proposals, as they conflicted with international law and human rights, many others of a similar nature remain. Delegates re-affirmed their determination to oppose this Bill in its entirety.

Another lobby of Parliament which was reported to the Trades Union Council was organised by the National Pensioners Convention. The lobby focused on two main issues, pensions and care. One of the speakers at the lobby highlighted the attack against ‘Meals on Wheels’ as part of the Government’s austerity programme, and had pointed out that more than a million people older people are malnourished in the UK costing the UK economy £13 billion per year.

Delegates learned about the huge number of teachers who are resigning as a result of stress, causing a massive shortfall. To make up their number, untrained teachers in their thousands are being recruited from overseas or from former personnel in the armed forces. Many of these, too, resign when they experience the working conditions in our education system.