Chelmsford TUC



In a report to Chelmsford TUC’s monthly meeting delegates were told about the ongoing dispute at the National Art Gallery where employees have been taking strike action. At the heart of the dispute is the fact that staff have been told that their jobs are to be sold to a private company. These staff are responsible for the security of the paintings and the public. Attempts to seek mediation had failed and Candy Udwin, a senior union rep, was sacked for drafting a question about the cost of hiring a private company.

However, at an interim industrial tribunal, the judge decided that it was likely that a full tribunal will rule that her actions were legitimate and it was unreasonable of the gallery to categorise it as gross misconduct. After some discussion delegates agreed to make a formal donation to the PCS Strike Fund and a personal collection was also taken.

Delegates then heard a report about the decisions made at the Annual Conference of Trades Councils. It was agreed to attend the press launch of NHS Matters, participate in further local campaigns against racism, attend the TUC demonstration at the Conservative Party Conference, and have a stall at The Boswells Careers Convention.