Chelmsford TUC



Delegates to Chelmsford TUC ended the year with a meeting and an excellent dinner at The Orange Tree. Before the festivities began it was agreed to affiliate Chelmsford Against The Cuts to Chelmsford City Fairtrade Campaign. A donation was given to a company that is preparing a feature length documentary about the 1984/5 miners’ strike and branches were encouraged to do likewise.

Delegates were elected to attend the TUC Women’s and Black Workers’ Conferences. A report was received from a meeting of the Essex Campaign Against The Bedroom Tax and it is intended to hold a demonstration in the county during 2014.

Speakers were agreed for the traditional May Rally in 2014 and plans were made for Workers’ Memorial Day and International Women’s Day.

Considerable discussion then took place on education with concern that the model being developed in the UK is failing. It was noted that Sweden, which always had an excellent education record, changed its system a few years ago which we are following closely. Sweden has now dropped dramatically in the world league tables as has the UK.

Delegates concluded their business with a tribute to David Hedgecock who died recently and who had been Secretary of Chelmsford TUC from 1974 - 1977.