Chelmsford TUC



Delegates to Chelmsford TUC reviewed ‘In A Right State’ which the Trades Union Council sponsored at Christ Church on 26 October. Eighty people attended, Fairtrade beverages were served and everyone enjoyed a sparkling performance by the company Banner Theatre.

There were then reports on a wide range of issues taking place in the workplace, including the way in which the Government is pressing schools to become academies. Concern was expressed that music is taking a lower priority in our schools and this was contrasted to Venezuela where music and the arts continue to play a significant role in education.

Delegates congratulated one of its affiliated branches for organising an event at Chelmsford railway station. Over 800 postcards criticising unacceptable fare increases and calling for public ownership of the railways were given to commuters.

Support was recorded for the local branch of the Probationer Officers’ Union on its recent strike to prevent the sale of its services to private companies. Delegates believe that this policy is a huge gamble with the safety of our community and deplore the fact that our taxes will be used to pay private companies to make profits out of criminal justice. At the next meeting of the Council delegates will sit down to their traditional Christmas dinner after business has been concluded.