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From the earliest stages of human development men and women have always co-operated against adversity in all its forms in order to survive. However, it was only with the birth of capitalism that co-operation was envisaged as an economic and social model.

Since the first seeds were sown in the 18th century, the Co-operative Movement has been inseparably linked to democracy and the struggle of working people to improve their lives.

This page is largely devoted to the wider Co-operative Movement both internationally and within the UK, but if you wish to know more about the history of Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society, it can be seen on our history page.

It should also be said that the progress of Chelmsford Star is typical of the hundreds of other societies that were established during the 19th century.

A Selection of UK Co-operative Society Sites

  • ArcHive - learning resources on the Co-operative Movement

A Selection of Worldwide Co-operatives