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Radical Publishers

Lawrence & Wishart

Lawrence and Wishart was founded in 1936 through the merger of Martin Lawrence, the Communist Party’s press and Wishart Ltd, a family-owned liberal and anti-fascist publisher. It is now one of the few remaining independent publishing houses in Britain.

Malc’s Books and the Northern Grove Publishing Project

This Website is dedicated to publishing the literature of working people in general and Lancashire writers in particular. It supports the work of the Working Class Movement Library which receives all surplus revenue from our book sales.

Here you will find paperbacks and eBooks to purchase, video books to listen to on You Tube, and a variety of novels, short stories, folk tales and poems to download in MP3 format, to be enjoyed whenever you wish. If you would like to participate, particularly by submitting your own audio work, please contact us at

Manifesto Press

Politics and analysis, action and culture making the link between working class power & liberation

Merlin Press

Pluto Press

Pluto Press has always had a radical political agenda. Founded in 1969 as a publishing arm of International Socialism, the forerunner of the Socialist Workers Party in the UK, in 1979 it became independent. Today, it represents authors from a wide range of progressive political viewpoints.

Smokestack Books

Smokestack champions poets who are unconventional, unfashionable, radical or left-field and who are working a long way from the metropolitan centres of cultural authority.

Spokesman Books

Spokesman is the publishing imprint of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. It publishes mainly in the areas of politics, peace and disarmament, and history.


Verso claims to be the largest radical publisher in the English-language world. Verso (meaning in printers’ parlance ‘the lefthand page’) was founded in 1970 by the London-based New Left Review, a journal of left-wing theory. The company remains independent to this day. Originally trading as New Left Books, the company developed an early reputation as a translator of classic works of European literature and politics


Established in 1973, Virago is a publisher of women’s literature. It is the largest women’s imprint in the world and has made commercial success of publishing books of quality and originality.

Zed Books

Zed is an independent scholarly publishing house, catering predominantly to the needs of academics and students, and occasionally to a wider audience of activists and policy-makers. It is a quality non-fiction publisher of books of intellectual distinction and originality; books that embody Third World and internationalist perspectives, interests and commitment; and books that relate to neglected issues of all kinds and to disadvantaged social groups.