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Unionlearn has been designed by the TUC to help unions spread the lifelong learning message to even more members.


Much has been achieved in the realm of trade union education and union learning over the past few years. But we need to make a step change if we are to reach out to all the members who could benefit from study at the workplace or a local college or learning provider. That’s why the TUC has established unionlearn.

Unionlearn aims to help unions to become learning organisations, with programmes for union reps and regional officers and strategic support for national officers.

It will also help unions to broker learning opportunities for their members, running phone and online advice services, securing the best courses to meet learners’ needs and kitemarking union academy provision to a quality standard.

Finally, unionlearn will research union priorities on learning and skills, identify and share good practice, promote learning agreements, support union members on learning and skills bodies, and help shape sector skills agreements.

It has information on the following:

  • Union reps
  • Safety reps
  • Union Learning Reps
  • Equality reps
  • TUC Educational Trust Bursaries
  • Trade Union Educational Contacts
  • International Development Education
  • Newsletter
  • European Trade Union Confederation’s Institute for Research, Education and Health and Safety (ETUI REHS)
  • TU learning centre courses
  • Courses for all reps
  • Schools Programme
  • European Union Digest - A Trade Union Digest of Organisations and Resources
  • Union professional development programme
  • Tutor development

* Countering the Far Right

* Disability Champions@Work

* Finding a work Life balance

* Health and Safety 1

* Introduction to Occupational Pensions

* Organise! A Voice In Every Workplace

* Union Learning Representatives

* Union Representatives Stage 1

* Tackling Racism

* TUC Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

* Trade Unions and the Environment

For union professionals

* UK Unions and the European Union