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Trade Unions

Just a simple trade union quiz but will you get all nine questions right?

Question 1 - How many Trades Councils are there in the United Kingdom?

(A) 100-150

(B) 150-250

(C) 250 plus

The answer is:

Question 2 - How many trade unions are affiliated to the Trades Union Congress?

(A) More than 30

(B) More than 60

(C) More than 70

The answer is:

Question 3 - How many trade unions are affiliated to the Labour Party at national level?

(A) Less than 25.

(B) More than 25.

(C) More than 50.

The answer is:

Question 4 - How many people are members of Trades Union Congress affiliated unions?

(A) 1-4 million

(B) 4-6 million

(C) over 6 million

The answer is:

Question 5 - On average, how much money do trade unions recover in compensation for their members who are injured at work each year?

(A) £5,00,000

(B) £200 - £250 million

(C) Over £250 million

The answer is:

Question 6 - What is the single greatest cause of time off work for sickness?

(A) The Common Cold

(B) Back Pain

(C) Migraine

The answer is:

Question 7 - Now that you have the answer to Question 7, how many days does it cost each year?

(A) 10 million

(B) 11- 60 million

(C) Over 120 million.

The answer is:

Question 8 - When was the International Transport Workers’ Federation established?

(A) 1879

(B) 1896

(C) 1918

The answer is:

Question 9 - Approximately how many people are killed at work every year?

(A) 80

(B) 500

(C) 100 plus

The answer is: