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War on Want

War on Want knows that poverty is political. The decisions of politicians in rich countries can mean life or death for people in developing countries. We have the power to reshape the global landscape - to ensure that people across the world can live in justice and peace.

There are only four questions but will you be 100% correct?

War on Want works with some of the bravest and most inspiring groups in the world. In rural communities, in factories and sweatshops, in conflict zones and on the margins of society, we work with people fighting for real, lasting change.

War on Want challenges the structures that keep poor people poor. From trade rules rigged in favour of rich countries and their multinational companies to poverty in Palestine, War on Want campaigns in the UK and internationally to deliver real lasting change for the world’s poorest people.

This answers to the questions on this page may startle you. Be prepared for a shock.

Question 1 - Is it true or false that the by-products of making Coca-Cola can be used as a fertiliser?

The answer is:

Question 2 The SAUR Group took over the water supply in Guinea in 1988. How much did prices increase over the next eight years?

(A) 45%

(B) 120%

(C) 500%

The answer is:

Question 3 - Which of the following corporations has been receiving financial aid from the World Bank?

(A) Shell

(B) British Gas

(C) BP

The answer is:

Question 4 - Price, Waterhouse, Coopers make a fortune out of advising corporations on how to avoid paying taxes. How much do developing nations lose each year to tax dodging?

(A) $500 million

(B) $50 billion

(C) $5 billion

The answer is: