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Quiz Time & Fairtrade Games


International trade may seem a remote issue, but when commodity prices fall dramatically it has a catastrophic impact on the lives of millions of small scale producers, forcing many into crippling debt and countless others to lose their land and their homes. Too many farmers in the developing world have to contend with fluctuating prices that may not even cover what it costs to produce their crop. There are nine questions on this topic.

The Fairtrade labelling network is working with 500 producer groups and over 400 traders in 58 countries, with benefits reaching five million people.

We hope that this quiz will encourage you to promote Fairtrade in your area.

Question 1 - What does the FAIRTRADE Mark guarantee?

(A) Disadvantaged producers in the developing world get a better deal

(B) A reasonable price

(C) The world market price

The answer is:

Question 2 - In which year did The Co-operative introduce the UK’s first ever Fairtrade product?

(A) 1992.

(B) 2001.

(C) 2004.

The answer is:

Question 3 - Approximately, how much do USA farmers get for their cotton?

(A) 45p per kg

(B) £1 per kg

(C) 80p per kg

The answer is:

Question 4 - Approximately, how much do farmers from Mali get for their cotton?

(A) 18p per kg

(B) 38p per kg

(C) 42p per kg

The answer is:

Question 5 - What would make world trade a lot fairer?

(A) For poor countries to be allowed to decide how to trade

(B) For rich countries not to break and bend the rules

(C) For trade rules to give special help to poor countries

The answer is:

Question 6 - When was Chelmsford Fairtrade Action Group established? (Now Chelmsford City Fairtrade Campaign).

(A) 2001

(B) 2002

(C) 2003

The answer is:

Question 7 - Where can Chelmsford City Fairtrade Campaign’s website be found?

(A) On Google

(B) On Microsoft

(C) On Word Press

The answer is:

Question 8 - Approximately, how many producers benefit from Fairtrade?

(A) 500,000

(B) 400,000

(C) 100,000

The answer is:

Question 9. Approximately, how many cups of Fairtrade hot drinks are drunk every day in the UK?

(A) 1.5 million

(B) 2 million

(C) 3 million

The answer is:

Question 10. From which African country does The Co-operative source its Fairtrade tea from?

(A) Kenya

(B) Malawi

(C) Uganda

The answer is: