Chelmsford TUC

Special Days of our Movement

International Workers’ Memorial Day 28 April

The first Workers’ Memorial Day took place in Canada in 1986 with the USA following suit in 1989. Since then trade unionists throughout the world mark 28 April as a day to mourn the dead, and to fight for the living.

For some years Chelmsford TUC has held an exhibition to mark the day and has encouraged a number of local employers to participate by making their employees more aware of health and safety in the workplace.

We have also held a memorial event for several years. The first took place in the Cathedral but for the past four years it has been held in Central Park, close to our Memorial Tree and Memorial Bench.

We have also published a leaflet, which we have distributed widely, emphasising the importance of health and safety in the workplace and drawing attention to this special day in the trade union calendar.